Getting started with Supercan in 3 simple steps


Welcome to Supercan, it’s awesome to have you onboard!

Supercan is super simple:

1. create a profile (you’ve done that already)
2. let your followers know about it
3. earn money by answering questions. Want to know the details?

Read on!

So, what exactly is Supercan?

Supercan is what the world has been missing: a way for you to earn money by being helpful to your audience. We created Supercan to give influencers and experts - people like you! - a chance to connect to their followers on a personal level. Everyone knows time is money and we believe Supercan is a fair way to share your time.

Essentially, Supercan is a messenger app that lets you get paid for replying to messages sent by your fans and followers. You set the price for your answers. Your followers are only charged when they get a reply from you (within a time period set by the follower). Text or video, both work. Simple, right?

Oh, about the money: as said, you set your price. Supercan’s fee is 25% of that price. We pay your share weekly to your bank account using Stripe, our payment partner. Fair and square.

1. Make your profile attractive

A great profile attracts more followers, messages and chances for you to earn money.

Fine-tune your profile in the Supercan app. Set a title that describes YOU and what you are all about. Summarize your stuff in a few select words. Keep it simple and accurate. Add videos to make your profile really pop. Videos are great for adding personal flavour and educating people about the things they can ask you in Supercan.

You can set a different price for different types of replies. Adjust your prices whenever you want. Start low, go higher when the messages start pouring in.

2. Sharing is earning - let your followers know about Supercan

So, the next step is to guide your audience to your Supercan profile. First, go to My Profile in the Supercan app to get a unique link to your profile. Got it? Awesome!

Now, add that link to all your online profiles - Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, you name it. Explain it a bit: “Ask me anything on Supercan! Almost nothing is off limits. Personal 1-on-1 video replies on demand!”  

For maximum impact, do a post about your Supercan presence and publish it in your channels. Tell your audience how it works, why it’s cool and how they can personally engage with you. Encourage them to check out the app and your profile - that won’t cost them a dime.

After that, keep reminding people of your Supercan presence and design your content so that Supercan is a natural extension of your interaction with your audience. Keep sharing links to your profile!

3. Reputation is built on respect

Remember that Supercan is something really new. It might take a while for your followers to send you messages. Keep your prices reasonable, keep activating your audience and remember to keep your interactions respectful - that’s the best way to build a good online reputation.


Oh, and remember to have fun!


Questions? Reach out to support@supercan.io, we’re here to help you succeed!


team Supercan with <3