Getting the most out of Supercan

Using Supercan effectively is not rocket science - you know best what works for you and your audience. However, we wanted to reach out to you with a few proven tips on activating and engaging your fans and followers - check them out below!


Start with the basics

  • You have your Supercan profile - hooray! Polish it a bit until it really represents you. Have you shot a nice welcoming video yet? Profile videos are super important: use them to make your fans feel welcome and invite them to ask you questions, for example.
  • Have you linked to your Supercan profile from all your social media profiles yet? If not, grab the link from your profile and add it to, well, everywhere with an explanation like Now you can reach me on Supercan. Personal 1 on 1 replies to your messages!
  • Do a post on Supercan in all your channels. Explain your followers what Supercan is, what makes it cool and how they can personally reach you with it. Encourage your followers to get the free app and to check out your profile!
  • Revisit the topic of Supercan in your regular posts. Encourage your audience to send you personal requests about your regular topics.  
  • Be active and open. This might go without saying, but reply to all messages and comment on the feedback and questions you get regarding Supercan.

For maximum benefit, make supercan a regular interaction between you and your followers. Nurture the flame to build a fire!

React to feedback

  • Have you received questions or comments about Supercan? Do a post where you answer these questions openly to reduce any concern your followers might have. Explain them again what Supercan is and what makes it great for everyone.
  • Check out the Supercan website and blog. If you find an informative post, article or an intro video, share it with your followers!
  • Is your Supercan profile still fresh? Maybe shoot a new profile video and share it to your followers. Use the video to give ideas on the kind of messages you would like to receive in Supercan.
  • Keep publishing your regular stuff, but remember to think how you could encourage your followers to start a conversation with you about each and every topic.

Find your sweet spot

  • Have you found the perfect price that works for you? Finding the sweet spot might take some experimentation. When you get a steady flow of Supercan messages - not too much, not too little - you’re all set.
  • To re-ignite your followers, write an update on the kinds of requests and feedback you have received on Supercan. Tell people how much you enjoy answering messages!
  • Have you updated or added a profile video recently? Add one today and remember to share!
  • Keep your eyes open to other influencers using Supercan. Share their posts to get them to share yours - build the community together!

Sharing is earning

  • Remember that sharing button on your Supercan profile? Shoot a fresh profile video and hit the sharing button once again! :)
  • Our statistics show that followers return again and again to watch profile videos. So, they really count.
  • With your accumulated Supercan expertise, take a look at your upcoming content or publishing calendar. Try to think how you could increase the amount of interaction between you and your followers through Supercan.
  • To get new people to try out Supercan, consider lowering your prices temporarily for special up close and personal Q&A sessions with your followers.