Getting started

This is your quick guide to earning and engaging with Supercan.


Create a killer profile 1/3

Your Supercan profile is where you attract and activate your audience - so make it really shine! Make sure it represents you and creates excitement towards taking action and reaching out to you.

Remember to keep your profile fresh and alive. Add a new video every week and remember to share.



Create a killer profile 2/3

1. Videos: Super important. People watch these over and over again.

2. Avatar: Use an easy-to-recognize face shot or the same image you use in your other social media channels.

3. Title: Short + descriptive = great! This helps people make sure you’re the person they are looking for.

4. Cover picture: Like an album cover - dynamic, interesting, cool! Notice the live video placeholder and check that it won’t cover anything essential.

5. Your prices: You set the price for your replies. If you are uncertain, start low and go higher when you know what works.



Create a killer profile 3/3

A photo tells a thousand words, a video… well, you get the point. Anyone can view your profile videos for free. Think of them as an extension of your profile cover picture.

Try to come off as engaging, interested, honest and open. Attract attention and speak directly to the viewer. 

Get inspiration from the preset questions we have added or ignore them completely if you want.