Why do you need to have it?

Supercan is what the world has been missing: a way for you to earn money by being helpful to your audience. We created Supercan to give influencers and experts - people like you! - a chance to connect to their followers on a personal level.

Everyone knows time is money and we believe Supercan is a fair way to share your time.

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Essentially, Supercan is a messenger app that lets you get paid for replying to messages sent by your audience. You set the price for your answers. Your followers are only charged when they get a reply from you (within a time period set by the follower). Text or video, both work. Simple, right?


Messages are private, only between the two people in the conversation.




Getting started

This is your quick guide to creating Supercan profile.

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Download Supercan from App Store or Google Play store.

Log in with Facebook - we never post for you, but this makes your profile creation super easy.

Choose to “Create influencer profile”.


create profile.png

Create the profile

1. Username: Pick a name your audience knows you by.

2. Avatar: Use an easy-to-recognize face shot or the same image you use in your other social media channels.

3. Title: Short + descriptive = great! This helps people make sure you’re the person they are looking for.

4. Cover picture: Like an album cover - dynamic, interesting, cool! Notice the live video placeholder and check that it won’t cover anything essential.

5. Your prices: You set the price for your replies. If you are uncertain, start low and go higher when you know what works.

6. Videos: Expand your profile and show your audience it is really you with a video. Great way to tell what you offer in Supercan.


make video.png

Shoot a welcome video

A photo tells a thousand words, a video… well, you get the point. 

When someone clicks the link to your profile, before they even download the app, they are able to see your “Welcome to my Supercan profile” this is your change to introduce yourself and Supercan!

Videos are powerful tool to show people it is really your face on here, and tell what would you like to talk about in Supercan. Everyone can view your profile videos in the app for free. Feel free to create as many videos as you wish.


share profile.png

Let your audience know where to find you

Share the link to your profile or to your video.