Spread the word

Made an awesome profile? Next, it’s time to tell the world about it.


Use your existing social media channels to inform your followers on how they can engage with you through Supercan. Explain them how it works and what’s the honest benefit for both parties.

Your followers find you with a Supercan profile link. It looks like this: my.supercan.io/<yourhandle>

Get the link from the Supercan app. Then add it to your social media profiles and in every post you publish.


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Example introduction flow

Supercan is new and people might first feel weird about paying for your replies. How you communicate the concept and its benefits is important.

For example, you can introduce Supercan in phases.

Phase 1 - Learning: 

  • You can now find me on @supercanapp! With Supercan, you can talk to me in person - just say hi or ask anything about my career, for example. This is going to be fun! my.supercan.io/<yourhandle>
  • I came across this super cool new app, @supercanapp, which lets me finally have direct conversations with you guys! Find me here: my.supercan.io/<yourhandle>
  • Dear readers! I have received so many questions and requests about xxx. I would like to answer all of them, but sometimes it's really hard to find the time to do so. HOWEVER, this is about to change: I've started using an app called Supercan that gives me a chance to take time to give you personal, unique and thoughtful answers. So, check my Supercan profile and let me know what you think: my.supercan.io/<yourname>


Phase 2 - Engaging: 

  • Thanks [FAN NAME] for this super cool question about my on-stage rig. Keep them coming :) my.supercan.io/<yourname>
  • Someone asked me for the perfect poached egg technique. What do you want to know about cooking? @supercanapp my.supercan.io/<yourname>
  • Yesterday I got a great question that made me think about my next blog post. What would YOU want to see me write about? @supercanapp my.supercan.io/<yourname>


Phase 3 - Activating: 

  • My new snowboarding gear is here! Ask about my experience through Supercan! @supercanapp my.supercan.io/<yourname>
  • Who's up for a Supercan Q&A session tonight after @saturdaynightlive? @supercanapp my.supercan.io/<yourname> 
  • My hamstrings are LITERALLY ON FIRE because I tried a new workout routine yesterday - phew! If you want to know more about my new workout, just ask me in Supercan! @supercanapp my.supercan.io/<yourname> 
  • I played a set in Detroit last night and the bass was pumping. Ask me about my gig through Supercan! @supercanapp my.supercan.io/<yourname>


Sharing is earning

From day one, share your Supercan presence in your social media. Keep sharing to keep earning.

  • Add your profile link to all your social media profiles (my.supercan.io/<yourname>)
  • Share your Supercan profile (repeat regularly)
  • Share your profile videos (repeat regularly)
  • Share your new custom question/videos